Meet your events designer & coordinator… Neel Radia

Neel shows great diversity in co-ordinating weddings and events making each unique and memorable. With an eye for detail, Neel is not only passionate about the work he undertakes but he enjoys working with each client to bring about an event that integrates and show cases the unique attributes each client has to offer.

Neel brings with him intuition and unlimited creativity, enabling every event to be truly memorable. From table décor to personal touches, Neel oversees every detail to make sure it exceeds clients’ expectations. His organisational skills, quick decision-making and leadership experience allows him to take command of any situation with a gentle firmness that inspires great confidence and trust.

His passion and talent is to bring his natural personalised andprofessional service to each and every client.

Contact Neel at or call him on 020 8864 0801 to discuss your event.