Why do I need a wedding/celebration planner?

The amount of detail and decisions involved in planning a creatively designed wedding or celebration can send even the most organised person over the top. Most people today lead busy lives and also want to be part of the planning process. As experienced planners, we partner with you to create a celebration that fits within your budget, yet surpasses your dreams. We can connect you with the finest vendors, assuring an efficient, breathtaking day to remember. We can take the hassle and anxiety out of every aspect of the planning process.

Why do I need a wedding or events co-ordinator?

 To have one person who knows every detail of your wedding or celebration is crucial. This person can direct and organise ensuring that every favour and flower is exactly where you want it, if the cake has arrived on time, the vendors are fulfilling their roles and you can relax and enjoy each moment of your day.

What makes Ananya Events different from other Wedding & Event Planners?

 Our skilled team of professionals have been trained to listen to your dreams and desires in order to capture your vision and wishes for your day. Our coordinators are multi-talented pay great attention to organisation, detail, as design and décor. We have admirable relationships with highly respected vendors in the industry. We would enjoy introducing you to this exceptional team of vendors, insuring you an extraordinary celebration that will surpass your hopes and expectations.


My wedding venue provides a catering manager and onsite co-ordinator, why do I need another one?

 Many hotels/venues offer an onsite coordinator. The onsite coordinator oversees the food service and responsibilities related to their specific venue. Typically they are not involved in directing your ceremony and rehearsal, or over seeing the design and décor of the wedding and celebrations. Ananya Events is personally involved in orchestrating your plans. We set out any accessories needed for the wedding and reception, place names and favours, make sure the musicians have their sound check and double check the wedding rings are with the specific person. We ensure that every detail is taken care of so that your celebration flows smoothly, just as planned.

I really enjoy the planning process and have been looking forward to it. I am afraid that the consultant will take over and do everything for me.

 It can be a wonderful experience creating your own wedding, yet it can be overwhelming with all the details to coordinate and recourses to research. At Ananya Events we work with you to design the wedding of your dreams, inviting you to be involved in its creation as much as you want to be. The result is a beautiful carefree day that celebrates your uniqueness, enabling your visions to come true as well as giving you the freedom to fully embrace and enjoy each moment of the entire process.